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Time to get #ApartheidOffCampus!

Many UK universities are deeply complicit with Israel's apartheid regime and hold:

1) Investments in companies complicit in the oppression of Palestine
2) Institutional ties with complicit Israeli universities

Join the campaign for UK universities to get #ApartheidOffCampus and pledge to be #ApartheidFree!

If you're not a student, support the #ApartheidOffCampus campaign online using the hashtags: #ApartheidOffCampus #DivestforPalestine

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Israeli apartheid

Israel has established an apartheid regime that discriminates against Palestinians in a variety of ways. On its foundation in 1948 the new state passed laws which prevented the over 750,000 dispossessed Palestinians from returning to their homes, whilst allowing Jews from around the world to migrate to the state of Israel as citizens. To this day, Israel has prevented these refugees and their descendants from exercising the legally enshrined right to return to their homes.

The Palestinians citizens of Israel make up 20% of Israel’s population and face more than 60 laws which discriminate against them due to their Palestinian descent.

Across all parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) Israel operates a regime of systematic racial discrimination, which facilitates the continued ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian population.

UK universities complicity

UK universities remain deeply complicit with Israel’s apartheid regime through their investment and institutional links.

Universities invest directly into companies which:

  • Supply the Israeli military with arms
  • Participate and profit from sustaining Israeli apartheid
  • Assist in the building of illegal Israeli settlements and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population

UK universities also collaborate with Israeli institutions, such as Technion – State of Technology. Technion is the leading research institute in Israel who develop weapons for companies such as Elbit Systems. These weapons are often tested on Palestinian civilians Gaza and then marketed as “field-tested” or “combat-tested” to the world.

These investments and collaborations exist despite the majority of UK universities holding strong Policies that exist to prevent complicity with human rights abuses and war crimes.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

BDS is a global movement initiated in 2005 following a call from Palestinian civil society for the international community to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel as a peaceful means to pressure Israel into complying with international law and the basic principles of human rights.

Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the Palestinian BDS call urges nonviolent pressure on Israel until it complies with international law by meeting three demands:

  1. Israel to end their colonisation and occupation of all Palestinian land occupied in June 1967, to dismantle the apartheid wall and to lift the siege of Gaza.
  2. Recognising the fundamental rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality.
  3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

Apartheid Off Campus

Students in the UK have been at the forefront of campaigning for social justice for decades, including in the anti-apartheid in South Africa movement. However, the world is not free from the crime of apartheid.

Palestinians now need our solidarity to accelerate the BDS campaign, to hold our universities to account and to demand Apartheid off campus.

Campaign Material

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