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Leave a legacy to us in your will and help us end injustice for Palestinians.

PSC couldn’t survive without the efforts and funding of our many members and supporters. But the struggle against oppression in Palestine is, sadly, likely to continue after we’ve gone.

Nearly three-quarters of us give to causes in our lifetime but less than five percent leave anything for charities after their death.

If you don’t make a will and die intestate, there is no guarantee your money will go where you want. It is important that you write a will so your wishes will be acted upon.

Make sure that you make a will. And when you do, remember Palestine.

What type of legacy should I choose?

  • A Pecuniary Bequest is a fixed gift of money left in your will.
  • A Residuary Bequest is when you give away the rest or part of your estate after all debts, taxes, expenses and legacies to family, friends etc. have been settled.
  • A Specific Bequest is when you give a specific item e.g. jewellery or a property.
  • A Reversionary Bequest is when you leave something to a descendant and in the case of their death this is passed on to someone else, such as a charity.

Don’t have a will? If you want advice on how to make a free will, or one as cheaply as possible, then you can get advice from Money Saving Expert>