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PSC Executive Committee Officer candidate 2022 nominations


Kamel Hawwash
The Palestinians faced an escalation of oppression in 2021 and looked to PSC, as a key solidarity organisation, to mobilise support for their struggle. PSC rose to that challenge. We mobilised major demonstrations in May and further developed our campaigning. We grew our membership and added more staff to advance our work. I was proud to be a part of PSC’s efforts and if elected again as Chair, I will do everything I can to help PSC grow our campaigning in support of the Palestinians in their legitimate struggle to attain freedom, justice, and equality.

Proposer: Chris Kamis
Seconder: Martin Sullivan


Louise Regan
I am the current Vice Chair of PSC, the chair of Nottingham PSC branch and a NEU national officer. I have been centrally involved in organising demonstrations, meetings, campaigns and fundraisers for Palestine in Nottingham. I have also attended and spoken at national rallies and events. I have led a number of trade union delegations to Palestine. I have been active in the child prisoners campaign speaking at meetings and organising trade union events. I am absolutely committed to campaigning for justice for the Palestinian people, particularly building the BDS campaign through the trade union movement and civil society.

Proposer: Bernard Regan
Seconder: Angie Mindel


Ben Soffa
I’m seeking re-election as Secretary to continue building PSC’s strength and impact. We must expose the apartheid reality Israel has created, reaching beyond our existing base to translate sympathy into effective action. This requires a broad, outward-facing campaign which keeps its focus on challenging the Israeli state’s racism and its continued denial of rights. I bring years of campaigning experience but also professional skills which help PSC develop – from writing the software that powers our online actions to designing our join/donate platform that delivers so much of our income, I wish to continue serving our movement.

Proposer: Kamel Hawwash
Seconder: John Ellis


John Ellis
I am a chartered accountant who has worked primarily with the not-for-profit sector for over forty years. I was Treasurer for Rock Against Racism and am currently director of a charity that uses photography to highlight identity, representation, human rights & social justice. This involvement has made me aware of the difficulties experienced by voluntary organisations, particularly in the current financial and political climate. I have worked with PSC for many years and feel passionately about the injustice suffered by the Palestinian people and would be honoured if re-elected Treasurer.

Proposer: Kamel Hawwash
Seconder: Ben Soffa

Trade Union Liaison Officer

Simon Dubbins
I am the Director of International for Unite the Union and been an active member of PSC for many years. For the last twelve months I have served as PSC’s Trade Union Officer been a member of the PSC Executive. My union has a proud record of active solidarity work with the Palestinians and in my role as Trade Union Officer I have sought to further strengthen and develop real solidarity throughout the wider trade union movement. With your support I would like to continue working towards this goal in the coming year.

Proposer: Mark Beacon
Seconder: Kamel Hawwash