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In 1968 Hebrew University of Jerusalem illegally acquired a significant portion of the land on which its Mount Scopus campus and dormitories are built. This land is part of East Jerusalem, which is under illegal occupation according to international law (also see here). By moving Israelis (staff and students) to work and live on occupied Palestinian land, the Hebrew University is, therefore, in violation of the international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention. The University also runs the elite Talpiot program, which recruits advanced students to a fully funded three-year program of study, followed by six years of work for research and development programs with the army. Whilst at the University, students study in uniform and live at a military base on campus, where they also undergo military training. Michael Federmann, Chairman of Elbit Systems ( the largest privately owned armament maker) is chairman of the board of governors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (the Hebrew University). Elbit is “one of two main providers of the electronic detection fence” in the West Bank, judged to violate international law by the International Court of Justice.