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HSBC must end its complicity in Israel’s gross violations of international law and Palestinian human rights by severing its relationship with companies that supply Israel with weapons and technology, like Caterpillar.

Successful campaigning has forced HSBC to divest from Israeli arms company Elbit Systems in December 2018. But HSBC continues to hold financial relationships, through owning shares and providing loans and other financial services, to a range of companies complicit in Israel’s human rights abuses. This includes Raytheon, who’s ‘bunker buster’ bombs were used in Israel’s 2014 aerial bombardment and ground invasion of besieged Gaza, in which over 2,200 Palestinians were killed, nearly a quarter of them children.

Help us take action today (24/04/2020) on HSBCs AGM! Let them know they must Stop Arming Israel! Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Join the Twitter Storm from 11am-1pm!

Tweet the following between 11am and 1pm! Copy and paste the tweets below, or use the click-to-tweet links!

.@HSBC holds nearly £100 million shares in @CaterpillarInc, whose bulldozers are armoured and used by Israel to destroy Palestinian homes, factories and agricultural land. HSBC must divest now! #HSBC #HSBCAGM20


I’m joining thousands telling @HSBC to divest from companies that supply Israel with weapons that are used against Palestinians. This includes Raytheon, who supplied Israel with bombs used to kill 2,200 Palestinians in Gaza in 2014. #HSBC #HSBCAGM20


.@HSBC can’t claim to be ethical while holding shares and providing financial services to companies complicit in Israel’s war crimes. Divest now! #HSBC #HSBCAGM20


Raytheon’s ‘bunker buster’ bombs were used to kill Palestinian civilians in Israel’s aerial bombardment and ground invasion of Gaza in 2014. @HSBC must divest now! #HSBC #HSBCAGM20


2. Write to HSBC!

If you haven’t already, take part in our action, writing to HSBC to tell them to divest from companies complicit in Israel’s violations of international law, and Palestinian human rights. You can sign here. 

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