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7:00 pm

Sarum College 19
The Close

Journalist and columnist Ofra Yeshua Lyth will make the case for one, secular and democratic state in Israel/Palestine at a meeting in Salisbury next month.

Raised as a Zionist and having served in the Israeli army, she worked as foreign correspondent for the second largest Israeli newspaper Maariv in Germany and the United States.

Her latest book, “Politically Incorrect: why a Jewish state is a bad idea”, shows how the religious foundations of the Israeli-Zionist politics are determining matters of death, marriage and divorce under the strict jurisdiction of the country’s rabbis. She also shows how these constraints directly affect the way the non-Jewish natives of the land are treated on a daily basis.

The book, full of wry humour as well as deeply serious insights, will be on sale at the event which is hosted by Sarum Concern for Israel-Palestine www.sarumconcern.org

Fairtrade Palestinian goods will also be on sale.

All are welcome.