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7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Remembering the Nakba

The 1948 Catastrophe for Palestinians 

A commemoration co-hosted by Richmond & Kingston and West Surrey PSC

Supported by West London PSC  

Wednesday, 19th May, 7.30-9.00pm (on Zoom)

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In 1948, Israeli armed forces and Zionist paramilitaries drove 750,000 Palestinians from their homes in what is now Israel. Over 500 Palestinian villages were destroyed and 78% of the land was seized. Every May, Palestinians around the world commemorate this catastrophe.


73 years later, there are now more than 7 million descendants of the original refugees. Many are stateless, living in crowded refugee camps. Israel has always denied them the right to return to their homes – a right long enshrined in international law for all the refugees of the world.


The Nakba is an ongoing tragedy: the Israeli Army and Zionist settlers continue to displace Palestinians, seize their land, demolish their homes and deny them political rights.


We have invited 6 Palestinians to tell the story of their families’ forced exile and the Nakba’s ongoing impact down the generations. Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A. Our speakers are:


Bashar Nuseibeh, a university professor, software engineer and research scientist. His family comes from Jerusalem, and he currently lives in the UK. 


Iyas Al Qasem, member of PSC’s Executive. His father was a founder member of the PLO and author of the Palestinian Basic Law. Iyas runs a charity for Palestinian children.


Massa Dalgamouni, an educator, driver of change, writer, and activist. She currently lives in Jordan.


Fatima Helow, born in Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon where she witnessed the 1982 massacre. A documentary film maker, now living in the UK, she is a regular visitor to Lebanon. 


Dr Salim Anati, Medical Director of the UNWRA hospital in Al Shu’fat refugee camp, East Jerusalem, serving 22,000 refugees. Chairman of the AlQuds Charitable Society. 


Khalil Alamour, a Bedouin Israeli from an unrecognised Negev village, a teacher, lawyer, human rights activist and international advocate.


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