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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Richmond Adult Community College
Richmond Upon Thames

Haneen Zoabi was the first elected female Palestinian to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), and continues to serve there as a member of the Joint List, the Palestinian parties which agreed to work together as the best way to increase representation for Palestinians in Israel’s Parliament. However, her experience of Israel’s systems of discrimination and oppression, and outright abuse even in the parliament itself, must be heard by all those who would call Israel democratic.

Nazareth-born Haneen has an incredible history of fortitude in the face of harsh abuse, including disqualification, subsequently overruled, from the Knesset. It is very rare to get her here in the UK, and we have the privilege of hosting her to share her experience of being a Palestinian parliamentarian in Israel.

The event is free. However, in order for us to guarantee seats, registration here is required. Please click here to register.