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3:45 am

Curzon Aldgate
2 Canter Way

There will be a film screening of Ghost Hunting by Raed Andonie at the East End Film Festival.

A riveting, terrifying recreation of past trauma, Ghost Hunting was the deserving winner of the documentary prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival. A site of imprisonment, interrogation and worse for many Palestinians, Israel’s infamous Al-Moskobiya interrogation centre lies at the heart of Raed Andoni’s film, and provides the basis for a radical experiment in group therapy. Inviting former inmates to take on the roles of both captor and captive and to live through their past experiences once again, Andoni’s recruits recreate their former prison in a Ramallah basement by marking out the layout on the floor, and taking up their roles. The result is a shocking, visceral and deeply moving portrait of apartheid.

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