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8:00 pm

Morlan Centre
North Parade

The Balfour Declaration

“The true history of the imperial deal that transformed the Middle East”

Bernard Regan with Aberystwyth Friends of Palestine

Bernard Regan completed his PhD at St Mary’s University and Surrey University in 2016 having studied with Professor Nur Masalha and Dr Claire Norton.  His research focussed on Palestine and the British Mandate between 1917 and 1936.  He is the author of “The Balfour Declaration: Empire, Mandate and Resistance in Palestine”.

He has led trade union delegations to Palestine and Israel, visiting schools, meeting students, teachers and Educational administrators.  He co-authored the 2006 policy of the Trade Union Congress on Palestine.  In 2008, along with Michael Kustow (former Commissioning Editor Channel 4 and director of ICA), he developed a series of initiatives entitled Another Israel aimed at giving space to the voices of dissident Israeli intellectuals and activists.

There will be a talk and Q&A with Dr Bernard Regan on the Balfour Declaration

Tea/coffee and biscuits will also be available.

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