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Youth PSC

Palestinian people need our solidarity now more than ever, and the next generation is a crucial part of building lasting solidarity and taking forward the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel - a peaceful means to pressure Israel into complying with international law and the universal principles of human rights.

When our movement is united we are stronger, by campaigning together we can win. That’s why, in response to growing activism of young people around Palestine, we’re launching youth branches of PSC.

Get involved and set up a local Young PSC branch in your area, and become part of an exciting new stage in the mass movement for Palestinian rights.

Get involved! Request a workshop in your area by e-mailing

How to set up a Youth PSC branch

Step 1: Create a team

It doesn’t matter how small your group – only 3 are needed to set up a branch and begin organising as part of the mass movement for Palestinian rights. An active group looks outward and wants to grow:

  • List the people you know
  • Tell them your plan and ask if they want to be members/supporters
  • Expand your network: reach out to civil society groups in your area – would they promote your new group on their e-mail lists?

Step 2: Get Started!

Once you’ve got together, have a think about your first event. Reach out to other campaigning groups and trade unions’ in your area, who may be able to recommend a cheap/free space, or co-host the event with you. This can take the pressure off when promoting the event.


  • Meeting
  • Film viewing
  • Stall
  • Actions

Don’t forget to contact your local PSC branch for support/outreach. PSC can provide you with a speakers list, a list of potential films, campaign resources, as well as support and resources on hosting a meeting. We can also advertise and promote the event – get in touch!

Step 3: Organise your group

Use the new contacts you’ve made at your first meeting (remember take their name, e-mail address and number!)  to bring everyone together for a meeting to discuss potential events/activities:

  • Agree how you will communicate as a group – both as a committee, and to your Consider set up a mailing list using MailChimp? Set up your social media accounts and plan your posts.
  • Formally affiliate to PSC – this gives you access to our support and resources, and a say in our decision making process. Contact us for more info!
  • Who does what? Our branches tend to have a chair, treasurer and secretary. While these roles aren’t set, they allow you to divide work, and utilise the skills you have.

PSC can help with meeting plans and invitations to local activists.

Good luck, stay positive and stay in touch!


Contact us for further information: