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TAKE ACTION: call on HSBC to stop supporting the arms trade with Israel

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is currently working with a range of partner organisations on a national Stop Arming Israel campaign. The campaign is twofold: first, it asks the UK government to end its arms trade with Israel by implementing a two-way embargo. Second, the campaign focuses on the issue of corporate complicity. Many private businesses are profiting from Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, by either exporting or importing weapons and weapon technology to Israel or by providing financial support to companies that do. HSBC is one of them and supports the Israeli apartheid through its shareholding investments in arms manufacturing companies selling to Israel and through providing a range of financial services to these companies, including loans.

In July 2017, the Stop Arming Israel coalition organised a week of action targeting HSBC, with 18 different actions taking place across the UK. Activists closed down factories and two branches of HSBC bank, held public meetings, took action online and distributed 1000’s of information flyers.

More resources and information on the campaign’s next steps will be available soon, in the meantime you can learn more about the campaign here: as well as consult the recent War on Want report on UK banks’ complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people by clicking here: Deadly Investments.

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