What the Nakba means to me: Ben Jamal

Ben J

Ben Jamal is an member of Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s executive committee. His father’s family was driven out of Jerusalem and into exile in 1948 when Israel was created in the land they had called home for generations. Here, as the 68th anniversary of those dark days approaches, Ben talks about what the Nakba means to […]

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Nakba Week of Action

Nakba week of action

Background | Day-School Conference | All Events | Resources Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched a series of events and actions to mark the 68th anniversary of the Palestinians’ loss of their land when the state of Israel was created in 1948. The loss, known by Palestinians as the Nakba or ‘catastrophe’, was a violent dispossession and removal of […]

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Q&A on antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and BDS

Palestine 2009. Israel's Wall in Bethlehem, West Bank. Photo Credit Montecruz Foto via Creative Commons

We are being contacted by members and supporters concerned with the misrepresentation of the campaign for Palestinian human rights by media and public figures. In the past few weeks and months there has been increasing discussion of antisemitism. It is important that we set out the campaign for Palestinian rights is an anti-racist campaign, and […]

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Help end ethnic cleansing


Short URL Copy Facebook 0   Twitter 0   Google +1 Subscribe Share Past Issues RSS Translate   Join our Nakba Week of Action, 7th-15th May 2016 View this email in your browser Please join us for Nakba Week of Action, a series of events and actions commemorating the Nakba (‘Catastrophe’ in English) the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. During […]

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The Nakba: From 1948 to Today – by Ben White

The Nakba:  From 1948 to Today – by Ben White

The Nakba –  From 1948 to Today – is an article specially commissioned by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, written by author Ben White. This article is part of the resources produced as part of the PSC Nakba Week 2016 and is included in our Nakba Week Resource Pack. ********************** What is the Nakba? The Nakba (Arabic […]

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Statement: Palestine is being built out of existence


This Saturday an advert will appear in the Guardian reaffirming our right – indeed our duty – to boycott Israel. The advert is based on the below statement: Israel, judged by its actions, isn’t interested in peace. By erecting more and more settlements on Palestinian land, it is in the process of building Palestine out […]

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Take action: help save two Palestinian villages


Take action today to help save two Palestinian villages under imminent threat of demolition. You may have heard of the village of Susiya in the West Bank which is constantly under attack from settlers and from the Israeli army who regularly go in and demolish their homes and animal shelters.  A few miles away in […]

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Nakba Week of Action – Resource Pack

Nakba week of action

Background | Day-School Conference | All Events | Resources PSC Nakba Week Campaign Resource Pack Download here: PSC Nakba Week Resource Pack 2016 This pack has been put together to assist you in facilitating your own Nakba week events and campaigning activities. It contains suggestions of films for film screenings, and videos, factsheets and articles for sharing. Use […]

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Easter update

greetings postcard for website

We wish everyone a very happy holiday.  To stay up-to-date with developments in Palestine please visit our facebook and twitter pages (which you can also see on our website Update  With each passing month the situation for the Palestinians gets worse. More homes are demolished. More settlements are built. Yet our government does next to nothing […]

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Sign our greetings from Palestine postcard

greetings from palestine postcard v2 alt

have signed so far! If you would like to download our postcard for use locally you can do so here: Greetings from Palestine postcard. If you would like to order some postcards you can do so.

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