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PSC works closely with trade unions and the largest trade unions in the UK are affiliated to PSC  – while a growing number of trade union branches and regions are affiliating to the campaign. PSC recognises the importance of working with trade unions which have a long history of supporting international causes such as the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa.

Amongst the unions affiliated are: ASLEF, Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU), BECTUCWUFBUGMBNUMNUTPCSRMTTSSAUCATTUCU (University and College Union), UNISONUnite the UnionUSDAW

PSC has worked with the TUC for a campaign against Settlement goods  ‘ban them don’t buy them’ and the TUC has a policy in support of boycotting companies that are complicit in the occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories. In 2012 the TUC issued legal advice demonstrating it was legally possible for the Government to ban settlement goods>>

You can read TUC policy passed at its Congress

PSC has a Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) composed of representatives of the national affiliates which meets regularly to discuss and plan actions to build the campaign for justice for the Palestinians.In the last few years there has been a significant growth in the number of trade unions supporting the Palestinian cause, sending delegations to meet with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions, twinning and building campaigns of solidarity.

If you are a member of a trade union then please join the campaign and affiliate your region and local branch. if you are a member of a union not on the list of national affiliates above then please encourage your union to affiliate to the Campaign and encourage individual union members to become members of PSC. Please complete and return an Affiliation Form 2013 (or, if possible, a Affiliation Standing Order form)  if your trade union or local organisation would like to affiliate. If you would like more information about affiliating to PSC contact us.


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